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13 September 2013 @ 01:14 am
warty musings for beauty.  
i find paintings infuriating at times.
i get drawn in by one painting i see while reading geneologies online. i look up more paintings of the same subject, and find similar loveliness.... but different eye color. different face shape. sometimes the two have no similarities at all.
i LIKE consistency! i know the whole point of painting was/ is to follow a fashion in the times. looking at any painting from any time proves that. and yes, some eyes have colors that change.
but when you get to the point of having no reliable evidence of how someone looked, truly looked... it's so frustrating!
it keeps HAPPENING to me.
i always think of Lely's quote to Cromwell from Horrible Histories: "How much, Sir, would one like to look like, Sir?"
good ol' Cromwell, warts and all. i should see if there were more paintings from that time in England, even if it would have been seen, no doubt, as entirely frivolous and sinful.
i love me some good ol' verism. ahhh!