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03 July 2013 @ 02:58 am
attempts at cleaning down below mess.  
strip away any old gauzes and undies.
shower body to freshen everything.
check skin with hands down below for superficial peeling skin (skin doesn't like fistula drainage and reacts).
go back to shower to scrape/exfoliate the dead skin away with exfoliating gloves and soft foot brush. rinse clean.
dry body with hairdryer and washcloth. 
examine below (fistula, sore spots) with fingers. (to judge where balms are to be provided).
choose calmoseptine pommade and apply to fistula and anal area, as well as tender spots exfoliated. 
apply nystatin cream to vulva. (w/ finger condom)
tuck makeup cleaning pad above fistula to catch drainage (close to anus, too, in case and drainage comes from there).
find Tena breathable knickers and cotton shorts. 
insert ovule for vaginal health (provacare ovules), rinse equipment. 
attach enviro-friendly pad to tena knickers.
tug on.
wash hands well.

(ladybits in disarray due to lowered immune system, fistula drainage, antibiotics. even oral fluconazole x 3 days produces partial results)